General & Miscellaneous Diagrams

Understanding DNS in terms of “Layers”
How Do Computers Identify Services on Other Computers?
(a lesson on MAC Addresses, IP Addresses, Ports & Sockets)
Network Data Transfer Process
(a lesson on layered network communication)
4 Layer Communication
Communication within the Same Subnetwork (Subnet)
Communication across Subnets (Networks)
How to Configure ISA Server 2004 & 2006 Interface Properties
A Revised OSI Model
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Component Comparison
RADIUS Concepts Model
Relationship of Microsoft Official Curriculum [MOC] Courses to Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Exams
Remote Access scenarios (without RADIUS, and with RADIUS)

Routing & Routing Tables
Virtual PC (& Virtual Server) File Relationships
Visual Studio Solutions and Projects
What is the value of using an interface, or API (Application Programming Interface), and what are some real-life examples?
Why Should I Learn a New Skill? A lesson on return on investment
“Napkin Diagrams”
(those that I’ve only created in MS Paint format)
Checksum and Hashbytes functions
Choosing a Reporting Services course
Comparison of Microsoft Reporting and dashboard tools
Database APIs
DHCP Architectural Designs
Four Important SQL Server Terms to Know
(two versions)

How Does the Database Engine Work and Log File Usage
(two versions)

Only Logical Separation by Partitions
Page Split in a Clustered Table
Permission Hierarchies of Principals and Securables
SQL Server and Memory Allocation
(two examples)

SQL Server Data Type Classification
SQL Server – Relationship of Computers to OSes to SQL Instances
(two examples)

SQL Server – Service Account Decision Making
SQL Server Upgrade and Migration Scenarios
SSAS Installation Pathways
SSIS – Using the Lookup Transformation
Web Services Architecture
Slowly Changing Dimension Attribute – Decision Tree