Power BI Gateway Installation screenshots

Step 1 – Schedule refresh

Step 2 – No Gateway installed,
so click on the β€œManage” button

Step 3 – You don’t have any gateways

Step 4 – Click β€œDownload Gateway”
then click on β€œSave”

Step 5 – Launch Gateway installer

Step 6 – Gateway installer splash screen

Step 7 – Install the On-Premises Gateway or On-Premises Personal

Step 8 – Installation reminder

Step 9 – Gateway installation folder and license acknowledgement

Step 10 – User Account Control prompt

Step 11 – Sign in to register your gateway

Step 12 – Sign in to your account

Step 13 – Assign the gateway a name and recovery key

Step 14a – The gateway is ready to be used –
Status TAB

Step 14b – The gateway is ready to be used –
Service settings TAB

Step 14c – The gateway is ready to be used –
Diagnostics TAB

Step 14d – The gateway is ready to be used –
Network TAB

Step 15 – The gateway shows up as available within the Power BI Service

Step 16 – DirectQuery is now available using Get Data in Power BI Desktop