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List of some of the active USA and foreign Power BI user groups, such as

Check out Mark Walter’s blog (Story BI) post, “Links to some of the best Power BI resources the web has to offer” which lists mosts of the “must-know” Power BI resources

Learning options

My PBI bookmark file, as of July 2019, with about 400 of my *favorite* PBI links. Import this into your browser

Tools for Tabular Data Model Developers

Power BI is an Enigma, so What to Do? (a blog post from Matt Allington)

A few select Power BI Documentation references:

Other important Power BI references:

Video links and references on Dataflows

Third-Party Power BI Connectors from CData (quite an extensive list) $$$

Miscellaneous Power BI links and resources

References on Performance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Features in Power BI

Power BI Smart Narrative by Scott Murray at MSSQLTips

What is the difference between a Power BI Report and a Dashboard?

PASS BI virtual chapter from Ginger Grant, “Power BI Practical Storytelling and Visualization Techniques” (a report makeover)

Custom visuals that seem especially useful to those in finance and accounting:

Power BI v. Reporting Services, a few references…

Visio Data Visualizer

Screenshots: Using Power BI with WordPress and Google Analytics

In December 2020 I presented “Rapid BI Solutions with Power BI and Power Query” for GLUGnet. Thank you Sam Nasr and NIS Technologies for sponsoring and recording and editing the video.