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Odd trivia…who do you know that has “S“, “Q“, and “L” contained in their last name (and, in the right order, like SQUILLACE)?

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Get Started Querying with Transact-SQL, a learning path from Microsoft Learn

Describe SQL Server query plans, also a learning path from Microsoft Learn

List of some select, free ebooks from SimpleTalk/Redgate Hub

DML Query clause order (for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)

Select ____(column list)____________________________
From __________[ JOIN(s) ] [ APPLY ]_______________
Where ____________________________________________
Group By _________________________________________
Having ___________________________________________
Order By _________________________________________

Remember this as “SFJOWGHO”. Does that help? Student Susan Svoboda suggests “Some Freak JO Watches GHOsts.”

Watch my 14 minute YouTube video called “Structure of a Relational Database

September 2019 User Group Presentation – Free Resources for SQL Server

Transact-SQL Reference (Database Engine)

History of Microsoft SQL Server (Wikipedia) (shows SQL Server version history)
Microsoft SQL Server (Wikipedia article, describes various features, services, and editions)

Microsoft SQL Server Version List
Lists all of the know Service Packs, Cumulative Updates, Patches, Hotfixes, and other builds of SQL Server back to SQL Server 6.0)

And from SentryOne, Category: SQL Server Builds

In the fall of 2013 my colleague Rich Currey and I delivered two live Microsoft Virtual Academy presentations on SQL Server 2012

Provisioning a New SQL Server Instance โ€“ series by Glenn Berry at Redgate Hub

Part One Part Two Part Three

sp_Blitzยฎ โ€“ Free SQL Server Health Check Script (SQL Server Takeover Script)

Master list of SSMS Tricks and Shortcuts

Guidelines for online index operations

Encryption references

Encryption Hierarchy
Backup Encryption
Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
Always Encrypted (Database Engine)


The “SQL Hall of Shame” by Adam Machanic

Early History of SQL by Donald D. Chamberlin (found at the IEEE website, ~ 5 pp.)