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General & Miscellaneous References

SSIS ERD – A Journey to DB Deployment AutomationJune 17, 2013 post by “kulmam92”.
Whoa…he reverse engineered the SSISDB ERD and it is available in .PDF form at this link.
There is some other good info there about the SSISDB Catalog.
A Multi-Part Series (six entries) on SSIS Catalog
Part 1 – What is the Catalog?
Part 2 – How to Create the Catalog
Part 3 – Folder Hierarchy; Folder, Projects and Packages
Part 4 – Execution
Part 5 – Logging and Execution Reports
Part 6 – Operations
Reza Rad’s blog.
Programmatic Ways of Creating a Date DimensionScripts and links for creating a date dimension in T-SQL, DAX, and Power Query/M

Control Flow References

Integration Services TasksMaster list, Product documentation

Data Flow References

Integration Services TransformationsMaster list, Product documentation
Union All Transformation
Merge Transformation
Merge Join Transformation
Sort Data for the Merge and Merge Join Transformations and the use of the “IsSorted” property
Product documentation

Dynamic Packages


Tips & Tricks


SSIS Third Party Vendors

SSIS Pipeline components
BlueHub Solutions – BlueSSIS50 components to totally transform SSIS
Eldos – BizCryptolike SFTP functionality for SSIS
CData – Ultimate sql SSIS Integration Suite100+ Data Flow components
CozyRoc – SSIS+Control Flow & Data Flow components
DevartData Flow components
Keelio – Dynamics GP SSIS Toolkit and XML Toolkit
KonesansA number of components, some of which are free
Melissa DataData cleansing
nsoftwareEnterprise ready Internet connectivity, secure messaging, and file transfer
SolarWinds – TaskFactoryFormerly a Pragmatic Works product, then SentryOne, and now SolarWinds

SSIS Basics – An Introduction to Key SSIS Functionality (excellent tutorial)

List of capabilities by Task Factory “module”
SSISCTC.Codeplex.comAmazing list of community and commercial tasks and components. Now, an archive.

Tools, Connection Managers, Log Providers, Tasks, ForEach Loop Enumerators, Script Task samples, Data Flow Sources, Transforms and Destinations
ZappySysLOTS of SSIS support, including the SSIS Web API Integration Pack

SSIS Framework References

β€’Consistent Design Patterns and SSIS FrameworksMatt Masson
β€’An Introduction To SSIS ETL Frameworks Part 1 |
β€’An Introduction To SSIS ETL Frameworks Part 2 |
β€’What should a SSIS Framework have?Another SQL Geek
β€’A Framework for SSIS ETL DevelopmentBenefic
β€’You Might Need an SSIS Framework
β€’Regarding SSIS Frameworks, Part 1 – Execution

SSIS Best Practices