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SQL Server Management Studio Tips, a massive list of article links at MSSQLTips


SQL Server Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts for 2016 {SQL Server product documentation}

Shortcuts (PDF) from an Impatient DBA {Updated, now with Azure Data Studio} by Andy M. Mallon

SQL Server Management Studio keyboard shortcuts by Arshad Ali at MSSQLTips
Part 1 Part 2

SSMS: The Query Window Keyboard Shortcuts by Andrew Clarke at Redgate Hub

Adding a new keyboard shortcut in SSMS by Kenneth Fisher at SQLServerCentral

My Favorite SSMS Shortcut (After Copy/Paste) by Bert Wagner at Data with Bert
(Alt-mousedrag over multiple editing rows to make the same edit in the same position over all selected rows)

Restoring Toggle Results Window as CTRL+R in SSMS by Will Assaf at SQLServerCentral

SQL Server Management Studio Tips (many tricks and shortcuts) assembled by Konstantin Taranov at SQLServerCentral

Creating a configurable SSMS Script by Kenneth Fisher at SQLServerCentral

Shortcut: Filters in Object Explorer within SQL Server Management Studio from The Bit Bucket (Dr. Greg Low)

A month of SSMS tips and tricks by Wayne Sheffield

  • Day One: SSMS Solutions
  • Day Two: Split Screens
  • Day Three: Tab Groups
  • Day Four: Pinned Tabs
  • Day Five: Working with Query Files
  • Day Six: Vertical Scroll Bar Map Mode
  • Day Seven: Template Variables
  • Day Eight: SQLCMD Mode
  • Day Nine: Multi-Server Queries
  • Day Ten: Regular Expressions
  • Day Eleven: Block Select/Replace
  • Day Twelve: Changing case
  • Day Thirteen: The SSMS Super Clipboard
  • Day Fourteen: Object Explorer Drag-N-Drop
  • Day Fifteen: Query Shortcuts in SSMS
  • Day Sixteen: Assign a keyboard shortcut to menu items
  • Day Seventeen: Add color to connections
  • Day Eighteen: Template Explorer
  • Day Nineteen: Use Snippets in SSMS to insert blocks of code
  • Day Twenty: Object Explorer Filtering
  • Day Twenty-One: Object Explorer Details
  • Day Twenty-Two: Outlining
  • Day Twenty-Three: Quick Editing Tips
  • Day Twenty-Four: Using Bookmarks to navigate code in SSMS
  • Day Twenty-Five: Using the SSMS Web Browser
  • Day Twenty-Six: Working with Comments
  • Day Twenty-Seven: Comparing Query Plans
  • Day Twenty-Eight: Saving SSMS Settings
  • Day Twenty-Nine: Presenting with SSMS
  • Day Thirty: Reports in SSMS
  • Day Thirty-One: SSMS Activity Monitor
  • Day Thirty-Two: Controlling what appears in the status bar and query tabs
  • Day Thirty-Three: Using the Full Screen Mode in SSMS
  • Day Thirty-Four: Working with tabs and spaces in SSMS
  • Day Thirty-Five: SSMS Batch Separator
  • Day Thirty-Six: Removing servers from the SSMS connection dialog
  • Day Thirty-Seven: SSMS Reset window layout

Tips & Tricks

Portable User Settings by Tim Mitchell

How I Configure SQL Server Management Studio by Brent Ozar, and,,
Fixing SQL Server Management Studio’s Tab Text

A simple trick for “Block Comment” syntax in SSMS by Peter Zerk at SQLServerCentral

Adding Custom Reports to SQL Server Management Studio by Koen Verbeeck at MSSQLTips

SSMS Custom Report for SQL Server Database Metrics by Eduardo Pivaral at MSSQLTips

Custom SSMS report to show SQL Server tables per filegroup by Koen Verbeeck at MSSQLTips

Change Color for System Object Name in Text Editor (SSMS 2016) by Pinal Dave at SQLAuthority

Enable SQLCMD Mode on SSMS by Carlos Robles at DBA Mastery

Perfectly Placed Parentheses {in SSMS} by Kenneth Fisher at SQLStudies

One weird trick for managing a bunch of servers by Erik Darling at BrentOzar

Customize the Management Studio Toolbar by Patrick Keisler at Everyday SQL

How To View Always Encrypted Data in SQL Server Management Studio by Thomas LaRock

Idera Whitepaper : Zero to Hero with SQL Server Management Studio

Setting up the dark theme in SQL Server Management Studio by Bojan Petrovic at SQLShack

Making SSMS Pretty : My Dark Theme by Aaron Bertrand at SentryOne

SQL Server Management Studio Dark Mode by Joe Gavin at MSSQLTips

Using Regular Expressions to Manipulate Text in SQL Server Management Studio 2017 by Jeffrey Yao at MSSQLTips

SQL Server 2016 Management Studio Enhancements by Rajendra Gupta at MSSQLTips

SQL Server Database Diagram Tool in Management Studio by Jim Evans at MSSQLTips

SQL Server Management Studio 2017 Data Discovery and Categorization by Scott Murray at MSSQLTips

SQL Server Management Studio add-ins {both free and commercial} By Konstantin Taranov at SQLServerCentral

SQL Server Management Studio and T-SQL Options to Prevent Code from Running in Production by Ameena Lalani at MSSQLTips

Import and Export Registered SQL Servers To Other Machines by Atif Shehzad at MSSQLTips

Top 5 SSMS Time Saving Tips by Ian Fogelman at MSSQLTips

Code Outlining in SSMS (scroll to the “Database Engine Query Editor Regions” section of this documentation topic)