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These references are from the perspective of someone who has worked with Microsoft Power BI for years and then needed to learn Tableau.

Note: Creating this page reminded me of the difficulty in creating a taxonomy/classification of links.

Free Training VideosFrom Tableau. (Especially the 9 videos in the “Getting Started” section), total of 20 minutes. Very dense, useful introduction to Tableau Desktop.
Tableau Basics Full Course by LearnitYouTube (6:40:32) by Trish Conner-Cato
Getting Started with TableauFrom Tableau.
Tableau Desktop Crash Course | Tableau training for beginnersYouTube (3:44:07) From Tableau Tim (Tim Ngwena, a Tableau Visionary).

I have not actually seen this. Please let me know if you like it.
Tableau Desktop Resources for Newbiesby Katie Kilroy from Tableau.
What Is Trailhead? All About Salesforce’s Free Online Learning Platform“Anyone can skill up with Trailhead. Whatever your background or interest, there’s a learning path for you.” by Ann Weeby at Salesforce.

Explore ForumsGet Answers from the Tableau Community.
Discover Tableau Public“A free platform to explore, create, and publicly share data visualization online.”
Tableau Blueprint OverviewFrom Tableau.
This is really a parent document to many other documents.
The Tableau WorkspaceFrom Tableau.
Parts of the View From Tableau.
(Axes, Panes, Cells, Marks, Tooltips, Titles, Captions, Field Lables, and Legends)
Shelves and Cards ReferenceFrom Tableau.
A Guide to ChartsFrom Tableau. Separate linked topics for each of the following visualization types:

Pie Chart
Bar Chart
Line Chart
Bullet Graph
Packed Bubble Chart
Box & Whisker
Data Source Page (tour of the UI)From Tableau.
Create Custom Color PalettesFrom Tableau.
Tableau Functions (by Category)From Tableau. Here is the link to the “Alphabetical” listing.
Format TextFrom Tableau.
Format Numbers and Null ValuesFrom Tableau.
Show, Hide, and Format Mark LabelsFrom Tableau.
Sort Data in a VisualizationFrom Tableau.
Removing “Abc” Placeholder TextFrom Tableau.
Best Practices for Telling Great StoriesFrom Tableau.
Tableau Workbook Performance ChecklistFrom Tableau. This leads to various additional resources. See this additional resource from InterWorks.
10 hacks to make your dashboard GREAT!By Louis Yu found at Tableau Public
Parameters – How-to and Use CasesBy Jim Dehner.
When to Use Filters, Groups & Sets in TableauFrom InterWorks.
Filters and Level of Detail ExpressionsFrom Tableau. I like the graphic in this reference which describes the timing of filter applications.
How to Spot Misleading ChartsA Checklist by Sue Kraemer, Senior Data Skills Curriculum Strategy Manager, Tableau.
Many additional visualization best-practice and related references!
Use Background Images in Your ViewsFrom Tableau.
The Order of Things: How to Control the Layout of Marks by Florian Ramseger, Product Specialist, Tableau Public.
Tableau REST APIFrom Tableau.
Tableau’s Order of OperationsGood, thorough reference, from Tableau.

Tableau Beginners | Understand Tableau’s Data ModelYouTube (14:40) from The Information Lab (NL).
Unlocking Data Access for Business Users in Tableau: A Step-by-Step Guideby Matthias Giger from the Tableau Blueprint.
Connect to a Custom SQL QueryFrom Tableau.
Using Custom SQL in Tableau: Points to ConsiderFrom The Information Lab.
What is the difference between Custom SQL and Initial SQL?Tableau forum reference.
A Comprehensive Guide to Custom SQL in TableauFrom Zenlytic.
SQL with TableauFrom DataCamp.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect Tableau to a Microsoft SQL Server database and then analyze the data to get insights.
How Relationships Differ from JoinsFrom Tableau. Excellent reference with multiple graphics.

Tableau Dimension vs Measure: 4 Important Differencesby Enterprise DNA.
Tableau Tips | Exclude & Keep Only Option Disableby CrackerzIn.
How to Replace NULLs in Tableau

How to Remove Null Values in Tableau: 4 Quick Ways

Replacing Null Literals

Replace NULL in Numeric Field

Display Data Without Aggregation

How to remove null values from date fields

Turning “Null” Dates into Blank Values in Tableau – InterWorks
by Pop!Automation.

by Enterprise DNA.

Tableau knowledgebase, 3 solutions.

Tableau forum post.

Tableau forum post.

by Steffen at Tableau Adventurer

by Interworks.
How To Display Text Labels In Different Colors According To ConditionsFrom Tableau.
Ultimate Guide to Tables in Tableau, Part 5: (Custom) Headers

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Pagination
Row Density
Filtering with Tables
by Luke Stanke at phData (
Sort Data in a VisualizationFrom Tableau.
Sorting in Tableauby Fabricia at TAR Solutions. Sorting isn’t trivial in Tableau.
How to implement a sort order based on another field from data source?Tableau forum post.
How to Set Up a Nested Sort on Multiple Fields in Tableauby Eric Parker at OneNumber
Creating a Filter for Start and End Dates Using ParametersFrom Tableau.
Filter ActionsFrom Tableau.
Proper Use of Context FiltersFrom Tableau.
A Deep Dive into Tableau’s Format Paneby Grant Eisenmenger at interworks

Advanced Tableau Dashboard Formatting Tips and TechniquesFrom Data Crunch.
Best Practices for developing Tableau Dashboards (Step 7.3)UCSF Data Resources.
Control Vertical Alignment of Text In Title Container for Tableau Dashboardsby
5 easy cheats to make stellar Tableau dashboardsby Bridget Cogley at TableauFit.
The Ultimate Guide to Tableau Dashboards (+ Examples)by Hady Elhady at Layer.
How To Avoid the Dystopian and Dope Extremes of Dashboard Developmentby Robby White at Interworks.
Using Lines, Borders And Padding To Split Up Your Dashboardby Timothy Manning (a.k.a., TableauTimothy) at The Data School
Tableau Date Calculations Cheat Sheetby pHData.
Tableau Date Calculation Cheat Sheetby Ken Flerlage at The Flerlage Twins.
Understanding Level of Detail (LOD) ExpressionsDownloadable whitepaper, detailed, from Tableau.
Can I combine FIXED and INCLUDE/EXCLUDE within the same calculated field?Tableau forum question.
Good case study question, code sample and output screenshots!
Tips for Working with Calculated Fields in TableauFrom Tableau.
Comment Your Code in Tableau!by Tim Costello at Interworks
20 Uses for Tableau Level of Detail Calculationsby Ken Flerlage at The Flerlage Twins.
Tableau to Power BI: FIXED LOD Expressionsby David Eldersveld at DataVeld

What is a Tableau Style GuideFrom DataBrains
Check the “Related Resources”, too
Save time with these 10 Tableau shortcutsby Tableau Zen Master Jeffrey Shaffer.
Publishing Checklist

Google doc link
by Brian & Jacqi Moore at Do Mo(o)re With Data.

“By going through a list of common data source and publishing checklist items before publishing, you can prevent a lot of common issues with data sources and dashboards from making it to your users.”

Tableau Desktop – Latest Release download link and info
Understanding License Models and Product KeysTableau documentation.
DataFam Roundup: October 16–20, 2023Tableau blog, ton of potentially useful links.
How To Build Collapsible Menus In Tableauby Luke Stanke at phData.
Top articles on Tableau, Alteryx and DataTAR Solutions blog.
Let’s build – A dynamic table allowing your viewers to select the drill down dimensionsby Steffen at Tableau Adventurer.

He uses some infrequently used Tableau functions. Not all of them (i.e., REGEXP_EXTRACT( ) ) are available for use with SQL Server.
Lots of other great topic links on the side, too.
4 Design Techniques that I am Obsessed Withby Kevin Flerlage at The Flerlage Twins.
Several free downloadable ebooksMoxy Analytics (Flerlages)
How to Drill into a Single Row of a Text Table in Tableau

Tableau Tip: Single Row Drilldown “Deluxe”
by Ryan Sleeper at Playfair Data

Tableau Visionaries“Recognized for their contributions, they are nominated by the community and represent diverse skill sets, backgrounds, and interests from all around the world.”
Tableau Ambassadors“Tableau Ambassadors teach and share while fostering a positive and supportive space within the community.”

2023 Tableau Ambassadors
What is Tableau’s Iron Viz?

Top 10 Qualifiers for Iron Viz 2024
Tableau CertificationsTableau Desktop Specialist
Tableau Data Analyst
Tableau Server Associate
Certified Tableau Consultant
Certified Tableau Architect

Click on the picture below on some certification advice from Interworks, and see this link also.

Roman empire visualization and timelineby Nir Smilga

Tableau Newbies
Tableau Chicago
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