Active Power BI User Groups

During this period of online-only-meetings I’ve benefitted a great deal from active Power BI groups all over. Those groups are listed below.

Here’s a list of all of the Power BI User Groups.

OK, some of these groups are not specific to Power BI but have at least featured Power BI sessions.

Full disclosure: I have not attended sessions from every one of these groups. I’ve been introduced to some of these groups through connections on LinkedIn. I have attended multiple sessions from several of the groups listed.

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USA & Canadian groups (organized east to west)
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Austin Power BI User Group

They’re a good and active group and post their recorded videos, too.
Boston Business Intelligence
New York City / New Jersey

Washington D.C.

DC YouTube playlist
Orlando Power BI User Group
Orlando, Florida
South Florida Data Geeks

Miami / South Florida
South Florida Power BI
Atlanta Microsoft Business Intelligence Users

Excellent group!
Chicagoland Power BI User Group

Excellent group!
Madison, Wisconsin

Power BI Community
Nashville, Tennesee Power BI User Group



Iowa Power BI User Group – Meetup
Des Moines, IA

Des Moines Power BI User Group – Power BI Communities
(I don’t know if these two are the same, or different)
Power BI Twin Cities Meetup

St. Paul, Minnesota

San Francisco Power BI User Group
Los Angeles Data, Analytics & AI Geeks
San Diego Power BI Power Apps Meetup
Portland, Oregon

Excellent group!
Seattle, Washington

Excellent group!
Vancouver Power BI & Modern Excel User Group

Fantastic group!

They have a YouTube channel with previous recordings also.
Power BI Days

Free conferences in 8 locations around the globe
a.k.a. “Power GI”, as they refer to themselves
Power BI in Government

a.k.a. “Power GI”, as they refer to themselves

This is a blog more than a user group but I thought I would include the group in this list.

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European groups
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London Power BI User Group
London Business Analytics Group {Meetup}
Copenhagen, Denmark
Cologne (KΓΆln), Germany

This is one avenue for boosting my German language skills!
Berlin, Germany

One more avenue for boosting my German language skills!
MS Power Platform DE – YouTube Channel
Belgian Power BI User Group
Power BI User Group Italy

Maybe I’ll be able to advance my nearly microscopic Italian language skills.