SQL Server Diagrams

Database Engine SQL Server Agent High Availability Database Development Security
SSAS SSIS SSRS Certification

SQL Server Database Engine and General Database Diagrams

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Structure of a Relational Database
(to demonstrate basics of relational design, table structure, primary and foreign key constraints, and more)
SQL Server Data File Anatomy (.mdf and .ndf files)
Business Intelligence Landscape

The second diagram, more simplified, I found at Matthew Roche’s website

SQL Server – Agent Service diagrams

SQL Server Agent – Job Architecture
SQL Server Agent – Alert Architecture
SQL Agent Service – Job Step Security
SQL Server Agent – Job Step Proxies & Credentials

SQL Server – High Availability and Disaster Recovery diagrams

AlwaysOn Failover Clustering Instances (FCIs)
AlwaysOn AvailabilityGroups (AGs)
Both of these diagrams come from Microsoft sites; they’re not my own
(I’d like to create my own diagram. Perhaps soon?)
Log Shipping
(see also these configuration screenshots)
Database Mirroring
(see also these configuration screenshots)
Database Replication
(a form of High Availability, as something gets duplicated)
Network Load Balancing (NLB)

SQL Server – Database Development & Querying diagrams

Database Construction – Core Building Blocks
SQL Statement Categories
Database Construction – Multiple Files & Filegroups
Database Construction – Database Application Building Blocks
Database Construction – Programming Object Functionality Comparison
Constraint versus Index Design Matrix
Database Environment Landscape
Database Construction – File System Design Ideas
SQL Server Function Taxonomy
SQL Server – Partitioned Table Design
Classifying Dynamic Management Objects (DMOs / DMVs / DMFs)
Breaking Down the GROUP BY and HAVING Clauses – A Flowchart
Service Broker Architecture

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) diagrams

OLAP Cube Building Process
Standard Data Warehouse Relational Schema
OLAP Dimension Usage Types
Core Building Blocks of a UDM / OLAP Solution

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) diagrams

SSIS Package Anatomy – Simple Package
SSIS Package Anatomy – Modestly Complex Package
SSIS Package Anatomy – Complex Package
Anatomy of the SSIS Catalog

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) diagrams

Reporting Services – Native Mode Deployment Scenarios
Reporting Services – Report Development Process
Reporting Services – Report Execution Scenarios
Reporting Services – Header & Footer Options
Reporting Services – External Access Design

SQL Server Security diagrams

Accessing SQL Server Resources

(a.k.a. “The “Hurdles diagram”)
SQL Server Security Scopes
SQL Server Database Permission Models
SQL Server Ownership Chains

SQL Server Certification diagrams

SQL Server Certification diagrams
SQL Server 2016 and later Certification Paths
SQL Server 2012/2014 Certification Paths
SQL Server 2008 Certification Paths