Git Resources

My colleague, NM, recommended this course $$$:
Git & GitHub – The Practical Guide
Learn Git & GitHub and master working with commits, branches, the stash, cherry picking, rebasing, pull requests & more!

Git and GitHub Tutorial for Beginners [11 Hours], YouTube (11:12:59) by Bogdan Stashchuk (who additionally has a $$$ course)

Git Immersion (“a guided tour that walks through the fundamentals…”)

Git Anatomy by Dino Esposito at Redgate

Git Internals by Scott Chacon at PeeCode Press {now PluralSight} (121pp)
Pro Git by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub by Apress (free ebook)

Version Control with Git by dbt (I really like this workflow diagram they created)

Git, GitHub, & Workflow Fundamentals by Molly Nemerever (I like the diagram she posted, too)
And she refers to this site, Getting Started with Git by Josh Errickson also

Git Workflows for Pros: A Good Git Guide by Joe James (contains several team workflow diagrams to consider)

Git cheatsheet from PhoenixNAP

Git cheatsheet from Intellipaat