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Day Job 📈 📊 🏆

Starting January of 2023 George started at First National Bank of America as a Data Engineer to help with the modernization of their business intelligence environment built around the Microsoft stack.

From the fall of 2020 to the end of 2022 George was involved as a business intelligence developer for multiple clients of Lansing, Michigan based I.T. services provider named Dewpoint, mostly working with Power BI and Power Query but also writing some SQL code against an Azure SQL Database, work with SSIS and SSRS, and a teeny little bit with Power Automate.

Prior to the time at Dewpoint George was a career computer trainer for New Horizons Learning Solutions, the first and one of the largest New Horizon Computer Learning Centers training franchises. After 27 years of award-winning employment George, along with a few others, was “COVID-downsized”.

As a trainer George specialized in delivering training on and working with two primary Microsoft products, SQL Server (including Azure SQL Database), and Power BI (which, he finds, is so fun to work with). While working as an instructor about 70-80% of the time George delivered training virtually, often across four or more time zones, from his home studio in mid-Michigan, and prior to the coronavirus pandemic era would travel near and far to customer locations for about 20-30% of the remaining work time. He liked both.

His professional career actually began in PC sales which was ironic because he had no interest in sales and new nothing about PCs. But he found that he enjoyed both, especially the computing part.

George was a long term Microsoft Certified Trainer (from June 1997 until April 2022) and at last count, has had 102 exam seatings and over the years earned many industry certifications!

Work Recognition

Dewpoint Rookie of the Year 2021  
Technical Instructor of the Month – January 2018
Technical Instructor of the Month – April 2014
Technical Training Employee of the Month – March 2013
New Horizons Employee of the Year 2007 – President’s Club

New Horizons Instructor of the Year 1999
New Horizons Instructor of the Year 1998
New Horizons Instructor of the Year 1996

Feedback from my students

  • “George is one, if not the BEST, instructor of IT content I’ve ever had – everything he provided was of the highest quality and craftsmanship – and his enthusiastic and supportive approach made my time in this course an A+ experience” – JL
  • “…I’d love for others to hear about my fantastic experience with you on my education journey” – LB-W
  • “You are so awesome! One of my co-workers also took a class with you and we both agree that you are the BEST that we have had…you are really good at what you do…” – CL
  • “George is extremely patient, passionate about the subject and technology”
  • “I thought you were amazing” – MC
  • “George, you blew my expectations away” – AM

Feedback from my bosses

  • “George is one of our top instructors and continuously ensures a positive experience for the students. He has an excellent class delivery and receives great comments and feedback.” – CK
  • “George has communication skills and habits that I wish all of my instructor team had. George communicates well in both urgent situations and proactive situations.” – RF


Microsoft Transcript

George passed the Azure Fundamentals exam (my 102nd exam sitting) on Wednesday, November 11, 2020.

George passed the Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI exam DA-100 (my 101st exam sitting) on Monday, October 5, 2020.

George passed the Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI exam 70-778 (my 100th exam sitting) on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

Back in the fall of 2013 Rich Currey (colleague) and I went to a Microsoft studio in Redmond, Washington and presented twice for the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA).


On the personal side…

George is active in multiple IT communities; related to SQL Server, GLASS , related to WordPress, a local meetup, and is hoping to be involved in a local Power BI community but so far, only virtual .

During the long, cold, Michigan you may find him on the treadmill, watching a movie or reading. During the warmer months you’ll find him on his Cannondale Synapse road bicycle having a ball, and almost every season will ride over 1,000 miles.

George and his wife are long term members of Riverview Church and have volunteered in a number of capacities over the years.

Don’t be surprised if you hear George quoting movie lines but especially from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure , any Star Wars movie, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies.

George speaks some German, but is not fluent. Eines Tages, vielleicht! He has a general fascination with language, geography and culture.

George plays acoustic guitar but not great, and played the alto sax as a kid and played in the marching band.

He’s the oldest of five kids who had five state-to-state moves before age twelve. His siblings are literally spread out coast-to-coast, from Seattle to New York City.

George’s Dad (also George) was a private pilot and George Jr. flew with his Dad since he was very young (check out his Aviation page) and has been fascinated with aircraft and all-things-aviation all of his life.

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Personal email: gsquillacejr at wowway dot com