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Bloggers & Articles

Nikola Ilic – Data Mozart

Azure Data Platform & Power BI Architecture & Development from Atahai/Andy Cutler

Rishi Sapra – Learn Data Insights

Getting started with Azure Synapse Studio, January 19, 2021 by Rahul Mehta at SQLShack
(Make sure you scroll to the Table of Contents, and, look at the links at the bottom of the article, bunch of related articles.)

Instrumenting queries in Azure Synapse Analytics by Gari Mahajan at SQLShack (again, look at the links at the bottom of the article, bunch of related articles)

Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI by Nuric Ugarte (Resources to prepare for the Exam DP-500)

Python Keywords – Boolean, Conditionals, Logical Operators, Membership Checks, Exceptions and Loops by Hristo Hristov at MSSQLTips

A first look at Azure Purview – Data Governance for Your Data Estate by WorkingOnData (also includes a screenshot of Power BI tenant lineage)

Power BI using Synapse Serverless Pool with Delta Lake Format by Dan English

Querying JSON Data in Serverless SQL Pools from the Serverless SQL blog

Azure Synapse Analytics vs Azure Data Factory for Building a Synapse Pipeline by Fikrat Azizov at MSSQLTips


Exploring Azure Synapse Analytics (with Eric Gleiter & Justin Moen, Reid Havens as host) on October 14, 2022

Supercharge Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics (with Mathias Halkjær, Reid Havens as host) on October 28, 2022

Azure Synapse [Full Course], 2:49:10 YouTube by Mitchell Pearson at Pragmatic Works

Power BI DP-500 Certification YouTube, “How to Successfully Pass the DP-500 Certification?” with Ryan Majidimehr, Nikola Ilic and Andy Cutler  (10:56)