Lab on Demand / Learn on Demand – Screenshot Tour

Remember to disconnect any VPN connection you may haveIn the worst case you may have to reboot your machine after disconnecting your VPN
After logging on at click on the “My Training” link
Click on the link of the course containing the lab you wish to launch
Scroll through the list of available labs (look for the green Erlenmeyer flask icons ) and then click on the blue “Launch” button
Progress and estimated launch time is displayed while the lab environment is launching
Tip: Maximize your browser
Make sure the correct virtual machine is selected
There are two ways to initiate the logon sequence:
[Best way]
Use the “Commands” menu at the top of the Lab on Demand environment
Use the Ctrl-Alt-End key combination.
There are two ways to supply a password into the virtual machine:
[Best way]
Use the “Commands” menu at the top of the Lab on Demand environment. Choose “Paste” and then “Paste Password”

You may manually enter the virtual machine password, which, for Microsoft courses, is always “Pa$$w0rd
Select other user screen
Alternate username manually specified

Virtual machine usage suggestion: turn off combining Taskbar buttons in Taskbar settings
Right click on the Taskbar to change the setting
You may wish to switch your virtual machine remote controller for various reasons
Ignore and operating system or Microsoft Office activation alerts
You will find several special menus and features useful…
Use the pushpin buttons to Auto-hide the side and bottom panels (if applicable) and the button shown to reveal a hidden paneHow to hide…

How to reveal…
Observe the special “Display” menu
Observe the special “Windows” submenu and virtual keyboard option
Observe the special “Power” submenu
Be aware .iso files with extra/related resources may be associated with your virtual machines, and, the screenshots attached to your lab won’t match the list in the screenshot
Only available in certain labs…
“Idea” box
Screenshot button
To freeze (save) your lab for later use…
How to save a Lab so that you can resume it later….
Click on the tiny “Exit” button in the far upper right of the Lab-on-Demand environment
Click on the “Save and close” menu item
Confirm that you want to save your lab.
End of lab options when the “Cancel” option is chosen
How to resume a Lab-on-Demand session after saving it
The first time through a particular lab strongly consider following the step by step instructions as presented in the Lab Answer Key
Lab Moderator screens
The instructor is able to remotely view a thumbnail and full screen view of your lab and information about your lab activity
The instructor is also able to remote control your lab should you need assistance
Other screens of interest
“We are experiencing problems with Adobe Connect”
The Adobe Connect recording screen